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Josh Miller,
VTR Operator and DIT
based in Sydney, Australia.

VTR Operator and DIT

Josh Miller

I have been working as a Video Split Operator and DIT for over a decade in Australia, the US and Europe. As a Video Split Operator, I specialise in using QTAKE for multi-camera HD or 4K video assist, with the ability to edit on set, provide live compositing, chrome keying, visual effects and variable framerate playback. My equipment is wireless and battery powered, built for both large stages and narrow entries into houses. I pride myself on being fast, professional, and highly technical to service the most demanding projects and agencies.

As a DIT I have complete technical understanding of onset colour, data management, and post-production workflows for all digital formats. This includes specialised filming technologies such as IMAX, VR, and Phantom high speed cameras. With experience in cutting edge technologies such as 8K, HDR, ACES, and encryption standards for all major studios and streaming platforms, I am equipped for any project. I am a member of the International Cinematographers Guild: Local 600 as a DIT.

VTR Equipment Package

- QTAKE HD Software and Hardware for up to 8 cameras, or two 4K camera feeds  
- QTAKE Licensing for editing, compositing, multi-camera record and playback
- 17” SmallHD and 21” Flanders Scientific Director’s monitors
- 21" Nebtek Daydream Director's monitors
- 7" handheld monitors and recorders   
- 32” and 55” Client and Agency monitors
- Portable video recording systems
- Wireless Video Transmission systems (Teradek Bolt 4K Max)
- VOIP transmission devices (Teradek Bond and VIDUGO) for video transmission over data networks 
- Satellite Internet
- Bonded cellular modem with external dual Yagi MIMO antennas to ensure a solid internet conection for QTAKE Stream for offsite clients
- iPads for remote viewing
- 12v batteries and 240v inverters for complete battery powered setups 
- Local QTAKE Streaming networks and long range WIFI
- VW Transporter Van


DIT Equipment Package

- Calibrated Sony, Flanders Scientific, Nebtek and SmallHD monitors ranging from 17-25”
- 7" handheld monitors with false colour and waveform
- Waveform and vectorscope generators for accurate exposure and colour
- Wireless Iris control for remote lens and camera operation
- Teradek 4K Wireless Video Transmission systems
- Mac Pro with 48 TB RAID (1500mb/s read and write) for lightning fast transcodes and editorial deliverables
- Custom made SSDs up to 16TBs (1000mb/s read and write) for production masters or dailies drives
- Highest end MacBook Pro for lightweight live colour rigs
- Flanders Scientific LUT boxes for live color grading on set
- Access to 250MB/s upload speed for cloud based post production workflows and dailies uploading
- Licenses for Pomfort Livegrade, Silverstack
- 12v batteries for portable DIT setup
- V-lock batteries for mobile rigs and monitors
- DIT carts and mobile rig
- VW Transporter Van

What I've been up to in 22/23


Australian Open - SCOUNDREL

Multicamera multi unit commercial shot at Disney Studios by SCOUNDREL

Jazzfest: A New Orleans Story

Kennedy/Marshall Feature

Multi-camera IMAX and Alexa 65 feature production directed by Frank Marshall

Worn Stories


Remote director and dailies creation for overseas post-production. Directed by Dara Horenblas and produced by Morgan Neville for Tremolo Productions and NETFLIX.

Ugly Delicious


4 continent multi camera show, managed dailies, colouring and post production workflow to keep the show running to a tight on-air deadline. Produced by Tremolo Productions for NETFLIX


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Reach out to my agent Top Techs Management for bookings or feel free to touch base direct to me for job enquiries.   

Top Techs Management
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Josh Miller
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